Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring cleaning: The kitchen

I started the task of cleaning and organizing the kitchen yesterday.  I finally finished earlier this afternoon.  I'm so glad that this is finally done.  It has probably been the hardest room to do since there's so much stuff to organize.  Well, here's the list of what was done in our kitchen:

1.  Wipe down each shelf inside cupboards.
I used a general purpose cleaner for all the cleaning, except for the oven.

2.  Wipe down all the cupboard doors.

3.  Organize dishes, pots, food and other kitchen items in all of the cupboards and drawers.

4.  Thoroughly clean the refrigerator and freezer.

5.  Thoroughly clean the stove top and oven.  (what a messy task!)
I used a concentrated cleaner called "melamagic" to get all the grime off.

6.  Clean the top of the cupboards and dust the tin cans.

7.  Scrub sink, then polish with mineral oil.

8.  Sweep and mop floor.

9.  Clean and disinfect trash can.

10.  Clean microwave.

11.  Wash kitchen rug and pot holders.

12.  Wipe down walls and canisters on counter.

Here's my beautiful shiny new sink.  After scrubbing it out, I polished it with mineral oil.  It really works wonders!

Here's one of my food cupboards before I cleaned and organized it.

Here it is after I cleaned it out and organized it.  I changed things up a bit, placing those staple items that I don't use very often on the top shelf.  The things on the bottom two shelves are easier for me to get to now. 

Below is my finished kitchen--yeah!  I love how it is organized and spotless.  Notice my collection of tin cans.  Some are new and were made to look old, while others are really old (given to me by family members).  It's a fun collection and such an easy way to decorate the kitchen.  Now, on to the next room--the dreaded spare room which seems to accumulate so much stuff! 


Stacey said...

Very good job on your cleaning. I love doing the clean out & up the kitchen. I collect tins too! Gotta love them!

Theo-Ann said...

Thanks! I'm more than half way done with the condo...and I've gotta keep on going so I can see the end result.:)