Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring cleaning: The spare bedroom

Our spare bedroom, also nick-named, "the dungeon" was cleaned and organized this past Friday and Saturday.  It's the place where things were just tossed here and there and for the longest time, it was driving me crazy!  There are still a couple little things like finishing up the filing and decorating that I'll do some time soon, but in the mean time, we're going to enjoy having this room spotless. I took a before picture, but it could not be uploaded. I've been having some trouble with that lately, so the picture below is one I just took and it's the after picture.

Here's what Q and I were able to get done in this room:

1.  Wipe down all walls.
I used a bowl of soapy water to do this.

2.  Wipe down the closet doors and main bedroom door.
I used a rag and furniture polish to do this.

3.  Put everything away that was lying around on the beds, dresser and desk.

4.  Clean and organize craft and paper supply cupboard.

5.  Clean window and blinds.

6.  Straighten items under the beds.

7.  Wipe down counters, desk, printer and baseboards.

8.  Clean mirror behind door.

9.  Straighten clothes, shoes, and other items in husband's closet.

10. Vacuum room thoroughly, including heat register and along corners and edges.

Next room--the bathroom!  So glad things are moving along and that I can say that almost everything is finished for my spring cleaning.:)

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