Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring cleaning: The bathroom

Yeah--the bathroom is done!  Now, I can relax...all the rooms in the condo are done except for our bedroom.  That will have to wait for a while because of my upcoming surgery (more on that later today).  The bathroom is sparkling clean and organized. Below is the after picture.

Here's what was accomplished in the cleaning and organization of the bathroom:

1.  Wipe down all walls, shelves and cabinet doors.
I used a bowl of soapy water to do this.

2.  Scrub part of the ceiling that has some mold on it.
This mold comes back a lot, so we're thinking perhaps it may be time soon to get rid of it by painting over it with Kilz paint.

3.  Thoroughly scrub bathtub, toilet and sink.

4.  Wash rug set and shower curtain, then replace the plastic liner.

5.  Dust towel caddy and reorganize items on it.

6.  Clean out cabinet above and below sink.
This includes cleaning out medicines that have expired! Above the sink are every day use items like contact lens solution and deodorant.  I have a few plastic bins under the sink to hold different things.  One holds first aid supplies; one holds toiletries; one holds shoe polishing supplies; one holds extra Mary Kay items; one holds manicure/pedicure supplies; and the last one holds sunblock and odd n' ends items.  The toilet paper and extra towels are also stored under the sink.

7.  Clean mirror.

8.  Reorganize cleaning supplies on shelf.

9.  Clean stackable washer and dryer unit.

10. Clean light fixture and replace any dead bulbs.

11.  Clean trash can, scale and plunger.

12.  Mop floor.

How's your spring cleaning going?  Keep motivated--you can do it!

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