Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A special invitation for my girls

It's that time of year again--time for our annual prayer group activities. I have 7th and 8th grade girls that I meet with each Wednesday night for prayer time before our teen service begins.  We also talk about what we're learning during our personal devotion time.  Something that's been so beneficial is making it a priority to call them each week to talk to them about their devotions and to see if they have any prayer requests or questions about youth group stuff.  I believe it's helped our relationship and it's given them accountability as they learn to have that special time with the Lord.

So, can you guess what we'll be getting together to do soon just by looking at the picture?  I asked the girls the same question when we met earlier tonight.  One girl guessed right--we're having a jewelry-making party!  I took a few butterfly beads and tied them onto embroidery floss before I stitched it onto the little invitation.  I typed up all the necessary information, then folded the paper to look like an envelope. I used a calligraphy pen to write each of their names on them. I made nine of these today and most of the girls were there tonight to receive their special invitation. A friend of mine will be showing the girls how to make a matching necklace and bracelet set.  It will be so much fun! 

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