Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring toes

Happy spring everyone!  Are you enjoying this beautiful day? To celebrate the beginning of spring, I decided to give myself a quick pedicure--nothing fancy, but simply a way to welcome the new season.

I first soaked my feet in warm, soapy water, followed by a treatment of satin hands by Mary Kay.  While I buffed my feet with the buffering cream, I also did my hands. After rinsing the treatment off, I made sure all the old paint was off my toes before painting a coat of clear polish. I used yellow and red craft paint to paint on a flower on each of my toes. After letting that paint dry, I put on another coat of the nail polish.

Wouldn't doing something like this be great for a teen girls activity--or perhaps something fun that you can do with a friend who just had a baby or needs some encouragement? These are the thoughts that I had as I was giving myself this pedicure. Things like this can be turned into a ministry opportunity.

Although my big toe is not the "cutest" one to see, it was the one that turned out the best. So there ya go--a picture of my big toe (it's probably going to be the only time you'll see a picture like this!:)

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Erin said...

You wanna come do my toes? Your spring cleaning puts me to shame. I have a hard time keeping up on my apartment. I know that it's becasue I'm so busy and work long hours, but I'd love to have it always look perfect. In fact, I invited people over after church, just so I would have to clean. :)