Thursday, March 12, 2009

Spring cleaning: The Living Room

I've just started my spring cleaning this year and I'm so glad that I was able to finish one room today--the living room.  This picture only shows a part of the room, but I will describe for you some of the cleaning and organization I did for our largest room in our condo.

1.  Wipe down door and walls. 
I used a bowl full of soapy water and rag to do this.

2.  Dust furniture.

3.  Clean and vacuum heat registers and air conditioner.
It's easy using a hose attachment on the vacuum cleaner!

4.  Clean windows and blinds.

5.  Mop entry way.

6.  Sort through magazines in basket and get rid of what we don't want anymore.

7.  Wipe down picture frames.

8.  Organize little dresser that has tools, lightbulbs, candles and other small household items.

9.  Straighten movies and cds and get rid of what we don't want anymore.

10.  Sort through games and organize the inside of the boxes.

11.  Vacuum and disinfect sofa and chairs.

12.  Clean out fireplace and fireplace nook.
I've actually started this, but my husband said he'll clean out all the ashes soon.

13.  Vacuum entire floor, even using the hose attachment to get the edges and corners.

This cleaning took me a few hours, but it is so well worth it!  Next time on this spring cleaning edition, I'll post about the next room--the dining room.

Happy Spring cleaning!

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