Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Jewelry-making party!

The jr. high girls and I had a great time making jewelry last night.  This was our prayer group activity for the year. I like to do different things each year for variety.  My friend, Ruth, has been making jewelry for a few years and had offered to show us how to make a necklace and bracelet set.

Jordan and Helen were two of the five girls that came to make some beautiful jewelry.  Ruth showed us how to place our beads on a paper plate to get them ready to be strung.  The girls chose their favorite color combinations and went to work.  They were able to choose between making a one, two, or three strand necklace.  When they were done, they made a matching bracelet.

Kimia made this set for her mother. I love the different shades of green beads matched up with the ruby red beads. She said that her mom needed some encouragement and thought that this gift would cheer her up.  So sweet...

Three of the gals posed their wrists so that I could get this shot of their cute bracelets.

Helen's double strand necklace turned out really well.  Audrey's necklace (below) matches her sister's wedding colors.  She thought perhaps she could wear this to the wedding this coming June.

I had fun making my own jewelry set for the first time.  I made mine for a special member of my family...but cannot say who it's for because I don't want her to find out yet!  I will show pictures of her wearing it some time in the future.

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