Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mom's blue gingham basket liners

Mom has been stitching away at the machine while I do my best to rest as I heal from surgery. She brought some blue gingham fabric and measurements to make six basket liners. My sister asked Mom if she'd make these to fit inside brown wicker baskets that she'll use to store things for her new baby boy who is arriving soon.

To give you an idea on what these look like, she placed one inside one of my plastic crates.  The baskets measure 9" by 9" and are 6 inches deep.  She cut out pieces for the sides and bottom, and stitched those together. She then sewed on a separate strip for the casing on top.  She got a great deal on ribbon while we were at Joann's today and used that to put through the casing. The bow in the front was the final touch.

Doesn't it look great?  I decided to place this picture with the title of my blog because it is an awesome-looking box!  It will be neat to find out how my sister uses these to store things for baby Eli.


Erin said...

Very cute. These would be nice for anyone!

Theo-Ann said...

Glad you liked these. Maybe I'll try making these some day.:) I don't do a lot without a pattern, so we'll see. Mom continually amazes me at what she does without a pattern!:)