Saturday, February 27, 2010

Three stores, $17, and some fabulous finds!

I love good deals, don't you? Going to thrift stores has been a part of my life since I was a kid. My sisters and I got our "new" clothes at Saver's as we began each school year. Through the years, I've learned that with some praying and ample time searching through the racks, awesome bargains can be found. It's good to find out about those extra savings days to get an even better deal. A lot of times I will go in with a list in hand (or in mind) so that I don't buy things I don't need.

However, there are times when Q and I will go to a thrift store and we'll find something that we may not need, but is simply just for fun. This past weekend, I scoured through three stores with some money in hand. Most of the items I bought are not really needed at this time in our lives, but were simply things of educational value, for my craft stash, or for some fun!

My first stop was at a new thrift store right here in Lafayette. I went to Sister Carmen Community Center. It was there where I spent just $5 and got the best deals out of all the stores!

My first find at Sister Carmen's was this Nativity advent calendar. I've wanted one for quite some time, so I was excited to find this one for just a buck. There are three missing pieces, so I think I'll be able to make a couple stars easily, as well as a baby Jesus. The calendar is in great condition and will be a nice decoration for next Christmas.

I also found two other Christmas decorations, a children's mouse mask, clothing and some Little Golden books. Take a look at my new cute skirt for this coming spring and summer...

All adult clothing there is just ninety-nine cents! I also found a pair of knee-length shorts that were brand new that I can't wait to wear when the weather gets warmer.

I found a few children's books at both Sister Carmen's and Saver's in Boulder. For years, I've collected Little Golden books. Both Q and I have some from when we were kids that we've enjoyed sharing with the little people who come visit us. When I look for these, I look for older editions, classic stories and ones with beautiful illustrations. The ones I bought were all older Disney classics (I'm not too keen on the newer Disney ones). I also found Pat the Bunny--a great baby and toddler book I've had my eye on for a long time!

I also bought a cute jumper and this Fisher-Price music toy at Saver's. I remember playing with one of these when I was a little kid. It plays two songs while the screen changes the pictures. It was too good to pass up at $3--yeah! 

While Q and I were at Nederland, we found a tiny thrift store to go to. There we found a beautiful wooden puzzle of the United States that we both really liked. Then, I found a box that had a weaving loom kit. This has been something I've wanted for a long time, so I'm glad I bought it for just $2! It may be something I can use when kids come over or in children's ministry. I'm really excited!

We got some awesome deals for the $17 spent at all three stores. I will definitely be visiting Sister Carmen's again in the future...most likely with a list of needed items. It may be a while before I go again just for those fun items!

Have any of you had some good deals at thrift stores lately? Do you have any more tips on saving even more money at these stores? I would love to hear your ideas!:)


The Watts Family said...

Oh how wonderful...Anna has 2 potholder looms and just loves them ~Great Finds..the skirt is very cute! Blessings Love Heather

Erin said...

Love the skirt and really, really, really love bargains!

Leah Christine Imagery said...

I love the skirt, Mrs. J! :-)

Sophia said...

Wow, that potholder loom was an awesome find. Just check out the price of refill loops at Wal-Mart sometime ... It costs about $1 per potholder if you buy theirs - and that doesn't include the loom! I always keep my eye out for these types of things, too. We love thrift stores!