Monday, February 1, 2010

Q's installation service, part 1

We had a special event last night at our church. It was Q's installation service. If you haven't heard of this before, it's basically a dedication service for a new pastor. 

Q began the service with a prayer, songs and offering. After the special music, Pastor Kemper preached a wonderful message, encouraging Quentin as he takes on this new role. As the former pastor of the church, this was an honor to have him take part in the service.

We were delighted to have our former pastor from Front Range Baptist Church, Pastor Redlin be there to preach as well. He is such an awesome speaker! Even though I've missed his preaching, I am honored to have Q as my new pastor. Q preaches with such depth and everyone recognizes that after they listen to one of his messages. Pastor Redlin not only encouraged Quentin, but also the congregation. He challenged them to keep Q in their prayers and to encourage him in the ministry.

At the end of the service, Pastor Kemper called up the deacons and Pastor Redlin for a prayer of dedication for the 16th pastor of First Baptist Church.

When the service was done, we went downstairs to enjoy some light refreshments and fellowship. We had some fruit, chips and salsa, and this delicious chocolate cake.

During these past couple weeks, I've been keeping a secret from Q. I invited a bunch of people from Front Range to come and be a part. He had no idea what was going on! Once folks started coming in, I said, "surprise!" He and I enjoyed spending time with over 20 of our friends who came to be a part of this celebration.

I was so glad to spend time with Mrs. C. She is such a dear friend. When I taught K5, she was right next door teaching K4. We had such great times together teaching those little ones at the school.

Dave, Coco and Mika Russell are special friends. Dave and Q enjoy fishing together when they get the opportunity. Remember that church service when the lights went out? The Russell's were here when that happened. Q told everyone during the service that if it happened again, it would be because of Dave. ;) Thankfully, the lights decided to stay on this time!

Next up....more friends from our fellowship time! Come back for part 2.:)


Abigail said...

So nice to be able to look on your blog and SEE what all is happening. Praying for you guys! It was so fun talking to you on Friday!

Theo-Ann said...

Yes, it was great talking to you, too. Thanks for your prayers. We appreciate it so much.