Wednesday, February 10, 2010

"I love you" magnet

I'm so thankful that we were recently able to pick up my teaching stuff that has been in storage for almost three years! As I've been looking through my things, I came across this cute magnet, so perfect for Valentine's Day:

It was a project I did with my students. You can buy a set to make these at Oriental Trading Company . I decided I was just going to buy the craft foam and help the kids make these for their parents.

All you need is craft foam in these colors: white, pink, red and peach (skin color). Cut out a white heart with scallops, approximately measuring 4-1/4 inches from top to bottom. Then make a red one slightly smaller and glue that on the white heart. I had my students use regular glue for this, then I used hot glue to seal the bent fingers. Glue on a small hand and a pink heart that will fit inside the red heart. Write, "I love you!" in the pink heart. Glue on a magnet to the back.

The hand is saying, "I love you" in sign language and I think it is so cute. Perhaps you can whip up a few of these before Valentine's Day and give them to the people you love. Or you can prep all the materials and have the kids in your Sunday School Class make one. You can even have the magnet say, "I love you, God." 

Have fun getting ready for Valentine's Day.:)


The Watts Family said...

That is adorable I will have to make one of those with Anna for Valentines I have tons of foam ~Happy Valentines to you! Did I ever tell you I made that baked oatmeal you posted and we loved it!! ~Blessings Love Heather

Theo-Ann said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Heather! Glad you loved the oatmeal.:)