Saturday, January 9, 2010

Puppet Theater Kit: the animal puppets

Along with the kid puppets and clothes, I made three animal puppets for each family. Again, I used my machine to sew the main pieces together, then used fabric paint to make their faces.

I enjoyed making the bunny puppets. Each one has a pink heart-shaped nose and a tail in the back made using a small piece of polyester batting.

The dog puppet has some floppy ears and...

...a cute little tail. Awww.....

The fish were more detailed as I added lots of color to the fins and tails. Both sides were decorated, too, so I had to make sure there was enough drying time on one side before painting the other. Each fish was made using a different color of felt. I think the red one is my favorite.

The other fish were yellow and dark green. The animal puppets were lots of fun to make. My friend, Ruth, gave me a few other patterns, including a mouse, that I could do in the future.

Coming up I made the puppet stage curtains!:)

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