Monday, January 4, 2010

Celebrating Christmas in Branson, part 2

Our family time continued with opening up presents. Canon made sure that everyone had a stack of gifts ready to open. I could not wait to see the look on his face as he opened up our gift. Two handmade gifts were placed inside of a Spiderman back pack. 

Inside he found...

...a hand-painted Spiderman t-shirt and a matching wallet. I put a coupon inside the wallet that was worth $10 to spend while we were together. I enjoyed making these gifts for him. I will post about how I made these two items in the near future.

The two brothers, Quentin and Ben, each received a package of beef jerkey as one of their presents from Mom and Dad Johnson.

I am so thankful to have awesome in-laws! It's not because they spoil me with gifts--they pray for me and are concerned about things in my life all year round. This box of goodies from them included some fun socks, crafting items and a subscription to Good Housekeeping Magazine.

To end our evening, we indulged ourselves in these molten lava cakes. It is a tradition Q and I started when we were first married. If you want the recipe, you can go here, as I posted about it last year. They are scrumptious!

Here are Mom and Dad Johnson enjoying their little cakes. Q's dad is a huge sweet tooth, and he sure got his fix with this dessert.

Next and games during our time in Branson.


The Watts Family said...

Looks wonderful! love the look on Canon's face priceless. Great pictures ~Blessings :)

Erin said...

Looks like you had a fantastic time. Celebrating with family is so much fun.

Abigail said...

Mom told me about that cake! They really enjoyed that!

Theo-Ann said...

Abigail, I'll have to send you the recipe for you to try!:) It's delicious!