Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Celebrating Christmas in Branson, part 3

We played lots of games during our vacation time in Branson. I think the biggest highlight of the trip was our putt-putt competition. We played three days in a row! Q beat me by one point one day; then I beat him by one point on another day; then finally, he beat me by three points on the last day. It was tough competition--even Canon scored well against us all (and he's only 7!)

The first day's course was full of black and neon decorations. You could even buy a pair of 3D glasses if you wanted to play that way.

We also enjoyed playing in the arcade. We earned tons of tickets for Canon to buy a big bouncy ball.

The guys loved swimming together in the evenings. It was fun watching them throw each other around in the pool.

A few hours was spent on a good game of Monopoly. All six of us played, but most of us didn't last very long in it. The last two in were Uncle Q and Canon. 

Q beat Canon at the end, but Canon was still very happy to have placed second.

Next up...one last post about our trip to Branson--it includes me and one very cute and sweet nephew.:)

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The Watts Family said...

Wonderful memories that you made and have to share ~Blessings Heather