Thursday, January 7, 2010

Spiderman wallet

As promised, here is a quicky on how I made Canon this Spiderman wallet.

I had some fabric left over from Jaden's reversible cape. I also had some red felt on hand to use for the inside lining and pockets. I used my husband's wallet as a guide, so it was slightly larger than a typical child's wallet.

The first thing I did was hem the entire Spiderman fabric piece. Then I stitched a piece of red felt to the wrong side of the Spidey fabric. I cut out another piece of felt about the same size as the first one and stitched a couple more pieces to make pockets that Canon could use for trading cards or gift cards. I made a vinyl window for him to put in a school i.d. card. Then I stitched right down the middle of the piece to separate the two sides. Finally, I placed the finished pocket piece inside the Spiderman fabric to attach the two pieces together. Because I had stitched that first piece of felt, and placed the second piece later, I created a bill fold for him. 

The two things I would do differently are the following: since felt is very thick, it was hard to keep the wallet folded in half; no matter what fabric I use, I would add velcro pieces to the sides to keep the wallet folded.

Coming up next....Canon's spidey t-shirt!:)

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