Thursday, January 28, 2010

Easy (and free) lid organizer

I've been working here and there on organizing and decorating each room. I'm hoping to be done soon so that I can show you pictures. My main focus lately has been the kitchen. I've almost got it the way I want it. I've had the same challenge here as I did in our last place regarding the cupboards. It's hard to get the pots, pans, lids and baking sheets organized in a way so that when you pull things out, things stay neat.

I've been wanting to buy a lid organizer, but a couple of the ones I've seen have been too tall for the space I have. This old house we live in has its challenges with shelving. I'm making the best of it, trying to be creative when I can.

When we were at Target recently, something popped out at me that I knew would work.

The longer box in the back was used to store drip pans on their shelves. When we were at the check out, I asked the cashier if I could have it. Not only does this work well because its sturdy, but it was absolutely FREE!

The slots are perfect for storing my lids. I have to space them out, so that they're not crammed in there. The only glitch with this is that when I need to get out the biggest lid, I have to take out the one in front of it too. There just isn't a lot of space between the tops of the lids and the shelf above them.

At a different trip to Wal-mart, I found this one and asked the cashier there for it. I'm pleased with my new organizing find. I suppose I could cover both boxes with Contact paper for a decorative touch and more durability. I'm happy with the way they are now. 

Do you have any great tips on organizing your kitchen? I would love to hear your ideas!:)

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The Watts Family said...

That is a great idea! Hmmm I wish I could give you a tip but with my children doing dished now for chores everytime they put something away it seems they put it in a different spot lol!! But I am working with them on this and hopefully soon I may know where to find something ~Blessings Heather