Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sweet boy Canon

I'm glad that from time to time, Q and I are able to see our nephews and nieces. We have eleven of them, and they all live in different areas of the country. I had a great time getting to know Canon better during our holiday trip.

He made me laugh by some of the things he said, and also by the things he did. Whenever we rode in the Suburban, I rode in the back with him. One day seemed exceptionally cold, so when I got into my seat I said, "Brrr, I'm cold." Canon said, "I'm not. I'm always warm." Then, he grabbed my hand and said, "Here", as he warmed it with his hands. He looked at me and gave me a cute smile while he did so. I thanked him for making me feel warm again. Isn't that sweet?

I don't know if you could tell by this picture what it is we're doing, but we're having a "cross-eyed staring" contest initiated by Canon. He's such a nut! I'm so glad we had some real fun times together.

Q and I pray for our nephews and nieces on a regular basis. We primarily pray that if they're not saved yet that they would be saved soon. We pray that God works in their young hearts. 

We're thankful for the few days we got to spend with Canon. We love him to pieces!:)

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