Friday, February 5, 2010

J is for Joseph

It's been two weeks since the kids and I have been together for Kids' Bible Club, so I was glad to finally teach this weeks' lesson. 

Bible Time: I taught the story of Joseph, found in Genesis 37-50. Since there is so much to this story, I just touched on the main points of his life. Throughout the night, I wanted them to understand that no matter what happens in our lives, that God is in control. He always knows what's best, even when circumstances don't seem that way. We learned part of Romans 8:28 which says, "All things work together for good to them that love God."

For the review game, we played "Joseph's Journey." It's in a laminated book filled with a few more games. It's called Children of the Bible Review Games by John J. and Gayle Renee Stahlman. It goes along with the Bible series of the same name by CEF press. Sticky tack is placed behind the moving pieces so that they can be moved along the game board. Mieka and Skylar's goal was to answer questions correctly so that they could make it to Egypt.

Craft time: After coloring in Joseph's coat according to the code, we worked on our main craft. The kids made their very own colorful coat!

To prep the craft, I cut a line through the front of a paper grocery sack. Then, I cut out holes for the arms and head. I set out markers, crayons and fabric for them to decorate it. Overall, this was a good activity. The only glitch was that it was difficult to put them on and take them off the way they were cut. Oh well... I'll have to revise this one some time!

Snack time: The idea in the book said to have the kids decorate cookies with colored sprinkles, but I decided to do something else. Using an idea from the book, Kinder-Krunchies by Karen S. Jenkins, we made colored toast. All you do is put a few drops of food coloring in a bit of milk, mix and paint! I put out the four main primary colors, then we mixed a couple of them together to make new colors. They really thought this was cool.:)

When they were done painting, we put the bread in the toaster, then spread some butter on it. They really enjoyed this fun and healthy snack. 

Next time...find out about a king who was a man after God's own heart!

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