Thursday, February 11, 2010

K is for King David

Our theme this past Wednesday night at Kids' Bible Club was "K is for King David." We are now meeting in a different room, so you'll notice it in the pictures. It's smaller--but perfect for just having the two kids.

Bible Time: I taught the kids the story of how David was anointed King of Israel. He was also called a man after God's own heart. The memory verse was Proverbs 8:33 which says, "Hear instruction, and be wise, and refuse it not." I taught the kids what the verse means in their lives today. They must listen to those who share God's Word with them so that they can be wise and make good decisions in their lives.

For the review game, I wrote out the verse one word at a time on different colors of construction paper. A few of the colors matched cards that go with the board game, Candy Land. Each time Mieka and Skylar drew a card, I would put out a matching word card. The goal was to lay out all the cards to see the entire verse, but at any time during the game they could say the verse, no matter how many cards were out. The tricky part to the game is that if they drew a red card, I would collect all of the word cards and they had to start over. After a few minutes, Skylar was able to say the verse before all the words were on the table. They really seemed to enjoy this new game.

Craft time: The idea in the lesson book suggested making a paper castle and decorating it, but I thought it would be fun to make a 3D castle using a shoe box. I cut out four towers from the top of the box with a pocket knife and stood them up. Then I cut up lots of paper to be the bricks on the castle. The kids had fun gluing on the paper on "King David's castle."

Using some red fabric and a toothpick, I made a flag for them to stick on the top of the castle. Mieka and Skylar could now enjoy playing with their castle at home. If they have people and animal toys, they can use them to tell stories of King David. 

Snack time: The kids liked making these King's Crown sandwich stacks with crackers, cheddar cheese and pepperoni. You could use any kind of meat and put an olive half on top if you'd like. The possibilities are endless for this easy snack.

Next time....the letter L is for a son who went away, then was welcomed home again. You won't want to miss this one.:)

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