Saturday, January 17, 2009

Spaghetti Dinner and Talent Show

Last night, our school hosted its annual spaghetti dinner and talent show. Q and I had a blast spending time with friends and watching the skits and songs presented after the dinner.

The senior class heads this up to raise money for their senior trip in the spring.  They set all the tables, serve the food, put on skits and songs themselves, then clean up afterward.  Their parents also help with the event.  The meal consisted of salad, with a choice of two dressings, garlic bread, spaghetti with meatballs and cheesecake with a few toppings to choose from.

The talent part of it all varies from year to year, but this year we saw a couple skits, a clarinet duet, a couple vocal ensembles, a "i-phone orchestra", along with a few other things.  My husband and I took part of the i-phone orchestra with a few of the staff men.  They all dressed in black and white with bow-ties.  They walked in with instrument cases, but when they opened them up, they took out their i-phones.  I was the conductor, so I had them each warm up their instruments one at a time, then together.  The i-phones have a feature where you can touch the screen and choose different instruments to play.  After the warm up, I introduced the piece, counted them in, and then a recording of a orchestrated song played as the guys pretended to play.  Of course, they exaggerated their movements--my husband jumped around the stage as he played the harmonica!  It was hilarious, and I've got it recorded on video!

Perhaps your church or school is looking for a fun event or fundraiser to do in the near future. This is a great choice. Everyone pays a certain amount for the meal, then anyone can plan in advance to put on a talent of some kind. We look forward to this every year. We always go home laughing and talking about the event.

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LadyLydiaSpeaks said...

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