Saturday, January 24, 2009

The candy wars

Last night, Q and I came home after watching a couple very intense basketball games.  These games were the ending of a popular week at school called Homecoming.  You remember those days of dressing up in weird clothes and competing to have the best spirit in school, right?

This year's theme was "The Candy Wars."  The teams were Reese's (7th and 8th grades), Butterfinger (9th and 10th grades), and Snicker's (11th and 12th grades).  All week long at lunch or at pep rallies, the teams competed in some fun games to win points.  The students could also win candy bars to fill up their individual team jar if they showed great spirit. One of our school parents manages a Chick-fil-a restaurant and we were able to add on a little more competition there. Each student was given blue tickets to pass out to family and friends.  When you gave a blue ticket to the cashier at Chick-fil-a, the school earned 20% of the profits, but the student also earned points for their team.  The elementary also competed in this.  It was a neat way to fundraise and raise student body spirit.

Each day also represented a certain dress up day and the students could earn points for their team that way. Since we didn't have school on Monday, the week began with a team color day on Tuesday; formal day on Wednesday (the students got to eat at a surprise restaurant location for lunch!); paper bag day on Thursday and School colors day (navy, silver and white) on Friday.

The students had fun all week long playing games, creating team posters and coming up with the craziest costumes--especially for paper bag day! I loved the hats, ties and even a Batman mask all made out of paper bags.  We have some pretty creative students.:)

During the games last night, smoothies and Chick-fil-a meals were offered at the snack shop. Between games and half time, numbers on tickets were called out for many to earn a free little cow that had a coupon for a free meal at Chick-fil-a.  We had a great time although our team did not win.  The guys' game was very intense and close, up to the last few seconds.  There were some winners in the overall competition however, and that was the Reese's team--the seventh and eighth graders! (I love to see the younger kids win!) :)

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Sounds like a really fun time!