Sunday, January 4, 2009

A set of pj's and toy for little Ross

I made this pajama outfit for our nephew Ross.  I found the "Crab Patrol" fabric at Joann's.  I used the picture of the crab on the fabric to make a big one to applique onto the t-shirt.  I used red felt for his body, white felt and black paint for his eyes, and a narrow white ribbon for his mouth.  I used my sewing machine to stitch all the way around the crab.  The pajama pants were made using Simplicity pattern #5271.
I could not resist making this crab toy to go with Ross's pajamas.  I used Simplicity craft pattern #8091 to make my very first bean bag toy.  I found the pattern brand new at a thrift store a while back with the hopes of learning how to make these.  The pattern includes several other fun animals to make like a snake or lady bug.  I used fleece for his body, embroidery floss for his feelers, and plastic eyes for the outside of him.  For the inside, I stuffed his legs with fiberfill and his main body with bean bag pellets.  Most of it was sewn with my machine; after filling the body with the pellets, I had to do a ladder stitch on the underside of him.  

Last I heard, Ross was playing with his little crab, hanging him around his neck--wish I could have seen him.:)  It's so rewarding to make things that you know people will love and cherish for years to come.

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