Thursday, January 8, 2009

Fun at the Jelly Belly Factory

One of the fun things we did during our Christmas vacation in California is go to the Jelly Belly Factory.  It is located in Fairfield, CA.  I love this picture because this is the first thing you see when you walk in.  The hanging jelly beans are huge!  Can you name each flavor in the picture?
All over the factory, jelly bean mosaics like this are hung.  Many are of famous people.  I love this one of our former President Ronald Reagan.  He was known for being the "jelly bean president."  The Jelly Belly Factory even designed a special jar for his own jelly beans to be kept in his office and Air Force One.

This was a fun activity for our entire family.  We enjoyed learning about how the jelly beans were made and eating them, too!  If you'd like to know more information about this great place, you can find it here.  Have fun!

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Erin said...

That looks like it was a fun time!