Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Spring Cleaning: the office/craft room

As the official start of summer is around the corner, the spring cleaning is just about done. All we have left to do is the second bathroom, which should be done within the next couple of days.

The office/craft room was worked on here and there over a few days. I'm glad that it's organized better because it was quite a mess!

Here's what got done in this room:

1. Every cupboard and drawer was thoroughly organized.
2. All the furniture was cleaned/dusted.
3. The sewing bookshelf was organized.
4. The windows were cleaned.
5. A huge stack of papers was weeded through and filed.
6. A couple of things were put on the wall, including the clock that you see in the above picture.
7. The floor was vacuumed. 

This counter under the windows was covered with projects, including the greenhouses which have now been moved. The fan sits there as it helps blow cool air into the room for the summer. I'd like to make curtains some day for these windows which overlook our back yard.

I just have a couple decorations on that shelf to keep it simple and neat.

This memo board, which can also act as a calendar is finally on the wall! I have to-do lists, notes, coupons and a couple of pictures that serve as inspiration for future craft projects.

My sewing bookshelf is a lot neater now, but I'd like to do more to it in the future. I'd love to put in some bins to keep things hidden and make it look more appealing.

Just one more area left...can't wait!:)

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Abigail said...

I really like that board Theo. The frame on it is great.

Hey, we're leaving for vacation on Monday and excited about that!