Friday, June 18, 2010

Father's Day cards

Father's Day is almost here, so I wanted to show you a couple of cards I've made in past years and the ones I made this year. There are six men in my family for whom I give cards to each dad, father-in-law, and four brothers-in-law. I hope to add Q to the list some day.:)

This football card was made using mostly stickers and markers. I don't remember for sure, but I think the inside said, "Hurray for Father's Day!" in a bubble next to a jumping cheerleader. 

I was glad to find this "tool" sticker border in my stash of scrap booking supplies. Each word began with a letter sticker, then I wrote in the rest with a black marker.

I bought a scrap booking pack for a few dollars at Big Lots a while ago. Inside were these cute tie stamp stickers. I decided to incorporate a real tie some how and the borders are the best I could come up with. I cut up a couple of ties that I had in my scrap fabric stash and cut out strips using pinking shears. Then I stitched them onto the cards. Inside I wrote, "Happy Father's Day!"

I had two colors of cards, and I like this light blue one the best. The stickers also varied in design and they were all so cute! 

I'm thankful for my Dad whom I call, Pa, (short for the Spanish name for father, Papi). He's always encouraged me to live for God. He's such a hard worker and is a funny guy, too! 

Happy Father's Day!:)

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Mrs. White said...

You are so creative! What beautiful cards!

Mrs. White