Sunday, June 27, 2010

Rubber bands to the rescue!

We all know that rubber bands are handy-dandy little things that can make life easier in lots of ways...but did you know that they can help you with mopping your floors?

I've held onto my Swiffer Wet Jet for a long time, hoping to find a way to use it more economically. The refill bottles and cleaning pads were costing me too much. I went back to using my sponge mop...and we all know how those work, right? There seemed to be more dirt left on the floor after I mopped with it!

Because the Swiffer mop has velcro strips on the bottom, I thought that perhaps a microfiber cloth would easily attach to it. I tried this way a few times and it was frustrating because the cloth kept moving around and I couldn't mop very efficiently. Then, the idea to wrap rubber bands on both ends popped into my head and it worked wonderfully! I just spray the cleaner onto the floor and mop away.

When you're done, you'll have a dirty cloth and clean floors! Just throw the rag into the wash and it will be good to use again the next time. 

I read somewhere that you can attach velcro strips to the bottom of rags to attach to a Swiffer mop. Has anyone tried this way, and if so, how well did it do? I may give this idea a try some time. Happy cleaning!

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