Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Quentin's awesome grilled chicken salad

In May, we invited a missionary couple to join us for a Saturday lunch. They were going to be our guest speakers in church the next day. As Q was talking on the phone with them, he learned that they couldn't eat any refined sugar. So, we began thinking on what we could serve them. 

Q came up with a delicious grilled chicken salad that makes an incredible summer meal! We've already had it a few times.

When Q went to the store to prepare this meal for the first time, he had a hard time finding salad dressings without any form of sugar. The Newman's Own brand seemed to be the best one, so he picked up some Italian dressing. Thankfully, the missionaries happened to have a new bottle of dressing in their car which they brought in to use. Choosing vegetables was easy and so were the croutons. Since I make my own using homemade bread made with honey, it worked out well. The last part was figuring out how to season the chicken. He found this amazing seasoning blend...

This roasted garlic and herb seasoning blend is full of flavor! A couple hours before he grills, Q coats the chicken pieces with olive oil and sprinkles a ton of this stuff on. Yum-O! (as Rachael Ray would say...:)

We like to add cucumbers, carrots, red peppers, sunflower seeds, croutons and our favorite dressing to this salad. While Q prefers his blue cheese dressing, I pour on my honey mustard almost all the time. Yesterday we enjoyed this meal together with something new. We had some lettuce growing in our garden, so we were able to add that to some store-bought lettuce.

For guests or for your family, this meal is perfect on a summer day! Feel free to add in your favorite vegetables and salad dressings. Bon appetit!

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