Friday, June 25, 2010

Marvelous Macarons

I was able to go with a friend to another free class at the library. This time it was to learn how to make macarons. Have you heard of them? They are so yummy and almost too pretty to eat!

These can be made into so many flavor combinations. We got to try some and were also able to take a few home. Peppermint, blueberry, green tea, chocolate, vanilla, coffee, and lemon were most of the flavors we got to taste. Of course, lemon was my favorite!;)

If you know how to make meringues, then making these small French delicacies shouldn't be a problem for you. After you make a basic meringue batter, you mix in a combination of almond flour and powdered sugar to make the cookies. Then after they have been cooled you put in some filling between two of them and eat it (in approximately two bites!).

There is a great blog called Tartelette that has some fabulous recipes for macarons. You'll have to go check it out!

Besides just tasting these yummy treats, we got to try making some ourselves. Our group of four ladies made these coffee-flavored ones. Take a look--we thought they came out pretty good for our first try...

I filled some up with ganache (it's a chocolate filling). I made sure I took one for Q to try. He really liked it a lot. I think we both agreed that the chocolate with chocolate filling was awesome, too!

So...I wonder when I should try my hand at these at home. Can you imagine some red, white and blue ones for the fourth of July? Hmmm....we'll see what I can do!:)

Have any of you tried making these before? If you've made them or even tried them, what is your favorite flavor? I think these would be awesome for any get-together or special occasion. Go ahead--give it a try and let me know how they turn out.

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