Monday, December 21, 2009

This year's Christmas card holder

We've collected quite a few Christmas cards from family and friends these past couple weeks. I decided to use this unique photo holder made by Umbra to hold them this year. You can go here to see my snowflake Christmas card holder that I used for a couple years. It's made using things you may already have around the house. Perhaps if our current holder gets full, I may have to go back to this. 

Start saving up your cards to make a Christmas card village like I did this year. Perhaps you already have plans to make other things with them.

How are you all displaying your cards? How do you recycle your cards? I'd love to hear your ideas!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you asked that question about recycling cards, Theo! It reminded me that we had discussed that last year on the forum I am on, so I went and found that thread and copied all those ideas (mine and others) into a document.

Here they are:

I throw away the ones that picture Santa Claus or Mary with a halo or something like that and keep the rest to use for crafts for gifts or Sunday school classes, kids' Christmas parties, etc.

Here are some craft ideas: You can make . . .

*refrigerator magnets
*a "Christmas ABC" book (I saw a homemade one years ago while I was babysitting and after seeing that you posted about a book called "The ABC's of Christmas," I wondered it the original poem came from that book.
*nativity scene finger puppets with some cards if the figures are the right size
*Christmas cards by pasting the fronts of old cards to a folded piece of construction paper or cardstock and writing a message inside
*placemats for Christmas
*pretty book marks
*a story with them in a picture collage
*gift bags with brown paper lunch sacks. Glue on scenes/pics from old Christmas cards, buttons, sequins, little bows--anything you can find in your craft supplies. They turn out so cute!

I usually display my Christmas cards by taping them to a door or a doorframe. This year my Mom is gathering them in a pretty basket.

Hope these help! Melissa

Theo-Ann said...

Thanks for your awesome ideas, Melissa! I will keep this list with my stash of Christmas cards that are kept with my craft things.:)