Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas Star coasters

Tonight is our Christmas Party at church, so I've been working on a couple things to get ready for it. One part of the evening will include a gift exchange. There is an awesome coffee shop in our neighborhood that Q and I have gone to several times since moving here. We bought two gift certificates from Cannon Mine Coffee to be included in the exchange. But--I wanted to find a neat way to package them up in. So I thought, and thought some more....

Then I finally got it--why not coasters for two...goes along with the coffee theme, eh?

I made two of these....

...then two of these for the recipients!

Each Christmas star coaster measures approximately 3-3/4 inches on all sides. These were fun, quick and so simple to make. I hope those who receive them will like them. It's been very cold here these days, so a visit to the coffee shop with a spouse or friend will be fun. And--the coasters can be used at home while enjoying a cup of coffee or hot chocolate during these cold, winter nights.

I folded up the gift certificates and taped them to the top of each set of coasters. Then, I tied each stack with colorful ribbon. Easy as pie!

What have you all done for a gift exchange? I would love to hear your answers.:)

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