Saturday, December 5, 2009

A chalkboard birthday greeting

To go along with Canon's coin pouch, I made him this birthday card:

It's a 3x3-inch card with a chalkboard sheet on it. I bought jumbo wall stickers at Dollar Tree and cut this down to fit the card. The dollar store offers many more creations that you can use to decorate rooms, cards or crafts. They're called Main Street Wall Creations.

I used colored chalk to write my greeting on and drew balloons around it. It was fun to do! The neat part to this is that the recipient can erase it and use it themselves for doodling. I thought that the next time I do this, I can attach a magnet on the back of it and they can use it to post messages on any magnetic surface. Neat, huh? I'm definitely going to be making more like this in the future.


Anonymous said...

The card is too cool! Very creative!!
Have a blessed day today!

Heather - Dollar Store Crafts said...

Such a cool idea. Thanks for sending it my way. I'm linking to it on Jan 21.

Theo-Ann said...

Yeah! Thanks, Heather.:) So glad you liked it.

S.I.VA. said...

Very great idea. I like the idea of magnatizing the back to be able to use it again. Even for an adult it would be good to place on the refrigerator as a grocery list/appointment reminder.

Anonymous said...

Very cool idea. I love the idea of magnatizing the back even for an adult because it can serve as a grocery list/appointment reminder :)