Saturday, December 26, 2009

Our Christmas Day morning

Q and I had a wonderful Christmas morning--our first one in our new home. He grabbed a cup of coffee and I sat down across from him as he read the Christmas story.

We love starting our Christmas day like this. It is wonderful to reflect on why we celebrate this special day.

Sometimes when I've wrapped Q's presents, I've included a tag that gives a hint as to what is inside. The one above says, "To my Q--something for your love of history--Love, your wife" Inside the package was Focus on the Family's Radio Theatre presentation of two stories--"The Hiding Place" and "Bonhoeffer: The cost of freedom." I also got him their Classics Collection which included five stories--Les Miserables, Ben-Hur, A Christmas Carol, Silas Marner, and Billy Budd, Sailor. For this gift the tag read, "something for your love of literature." Q loves his books and now he has these neat recordings that will make them come alive.

I couldn't wait for him to open the package that read, "for your new pastor's look." Inside was this beautiful pocket watch that I hope to get engraved soon. We took turns opening packages and saved the big ones for last. He had already opened my smaller gifts to him, and I was excited opening up the ones from him. I received a few much-needed articles of clothing and some cute tennis shoes.

Then, it was time for him to open up what he really wanted this year...

I know it's kind of hard to see on the box, but it's a picture of an ice auger. He had hinted several times that he wanted one to use for ice fishing this winter. Then, I opened up his big gift to me...

I love my new fancy shoes for church. I've been needing a pair for the longest time. 

What special gifts did you enjoy giving and receiving this year?

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