Monday, May 23, 2011

Our growing garden (and chickens!)

We have had so much rain here lately, which has been a big help for the garden. We may be stuck indoors some times, but we're grateful that things are growing well outside.

Here's a look at some of the plants that are growing....

First up--the radishes (hope the bunnies don't get them first!)

The strawberry plants are beginning to flower. We are sooo excited that our berries will be here soon. A and I have been talking about recipes we'd like to make using the strawberries.

Snow peas are great in salads, so we'll be able to enjoy some soon.

The gooseberry plant is really growing fast.

We've been watching the rhubarb lately and decided that it needed to be harvested soon. So, today, A and I went outside and brought a bunch inside to clean, chop, and put in the freezer.

Yummy rhubarb for lots of great desserts this summer!

This first picture of Dorothy and Turkey Lurky was taken by A herself. I just love it! Our little chicks are becoming full-grown hens.

The four of them stick together as they search for bugs and plants to eat.

They have discovered that there is fun all around our property. We don't have the fence up yet, so we need to watch them closely, especially in the front yard. They like to walk around on the front porch, too.

Here, Mary Poppins stops to stare at A while she claps her hands. As they have come closer to the house, it has reminded me of the Minerva Louise books. I just read the first one to A yesterday and hope to borrow the others from the library soon. Minerva Louise is a chicken who likes to explore and ends up in all sorts of places. It's really cute!

How's your garden growing so far? I can't wait to begin harvesting more things in the near future.

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climberfell said...

Hey Mrs. Johnson, Its Katie Lewis!
Your blog looks wonderful! I hope all is going well for you! Just a quick question, did you get that letter I sent you guys back in April?
Can't wait to hear from you.
Katie Lewis