Friday, May 13, 2011

Mother's Day cupcakes

When I saw these gorgeous flower cupcakes at Raising Homemakers, I knew this would be the perfect thing to do for all of the moms at church (click here for a complete tutorial). They are called "mum-cakes" as they resemble mums.

A and I worked in two different segments (taking a break in between to spend time at the library) to make these beauties. We spent three hours on twenty-one cupcakes, and that doesn't include the baking time. I used a cake mix (which I rarely do) to speed up the time. I also made a quick and simple batch of buttercream frosting, but this can also be purchased to help save time. The end result was astonishing! I was so glad that A really stuck with it and had lots of fun helping me put these together.

Take a look....

The petals are made out of mini marshmallows that are cut in half and dipped in colored sugar. This is the most time-consuming part of it, so grab a friend or your kiddos and have fun doing this.:) The frosting acts like the glue as you put the petals on working from the outside in. And just a note about might want to frost a handful at a time as the frosting hardens as it sits out.

Most of the cupcakes were a solid color, but as we were getting close to the end, we made a few that had a few colors in them. They still looked so pretty!

All of the moms enjoyed their special cupcake after church. I even got to enjoy one later as A let me know that I could get one too because I was a mom (so cute!).

These cupcakes could be used for any spring or summer celebration. Just make sure you plan ahead and know that these will take a while. The end result is worth it!:)


Abigail said...

Those cupcakes are beautiful! Love that!

Temporary Waffle said...

Wow those are beautiful. Great idea, but seems so time consuming lol. Although the end result, definitely looks worth it!

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