Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Museum: imagination fun for everyone!

We were all so excited to go to My Museum, a fun place for all to get imaginative and creative! It's located in Monterey, so the Lysne clan can frequent it as much as they'd like.

Check out some of the things we got to enjoy there...

Ross and Annalina got to get on a boat, complete with life vests. This is the first "station" you see as you walk into the museum.

A popular spot was this farmer's market where the kids got to sell vegetables and prepare meals with some pretend food.

There was a John Deere tractor and this adorable garden for the kids to play with. Some of the fruits and vegetables were attached with velcro to the board pieces and could be played with at the Farmer's Market.

Ross was cooking up a storm in the kitchen! He loves this kind of stuff...perhaps one day he will be a famous chef. Besides all the pretend food, there were pots, pans and dishes for creating one-of-a-kind meals.

Uncle Q and Carson had fun in the ambulance. There were buttons to press that made different sounds. When you spoke in the telephone it had a bit of static so it sounded like you were talking on a real phone. Too much fun!

There was also a stage where kids could dress up and perform a play. A doggy boarding house and a house to "build" were fun, too. The giant Operation game looked neat and there were some dolls nearby that were waiting for a nurse to take care of them. The golf station and the tree house were exciting as well. That was most of what was there...the place is just amazing!

There was one other place that let our creative sides shine through. More on that next time!

Do any of you have places like this in your area for families to enjoy together? If you're ever in Monterey, CA, check this place out (link above for more info.). The price of admission covers you for all-day play. You can even go out for lunch and come back. Pretty neat, huh?

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