Saturday, July 24, 2010

Just a few more hours together...

The time with Q's sister and family was coming to an end (at least for this trip:), but we were able to enjoy a couple more things together after our time at My Museum. Before I go onto that, I wanted to show you pictures of the art projects Q and I made there.

Q made this little guy out of an assortment of materials...yarn, paper, plastic, fabric, a pipe cleaner, cardboard and a puzzle piece. He said that his project was full of meaning. I don't remember anything except that the puzzle piece shows a lady's face and it's glued to a heart. It means that I'm the lady close to his heart--so sweet!

I made this puppet out of a tissue box as well as some plastic bottle caps, yarn, construction paper, googly eyes, a pom pom ball and fabric. I glued a piece of yarn to the inside top of the box so that it can be pulled, making this crazy guy "talk." I left it there so the kids could play with him.

We went to a fabulous burger place to eat dinner. Carson had a fun time eating some french fries. I love that smile, don't you?

Abigail, Gabriel, Annalina and I went to see Alice in Wonderland at the Forest Theatre in Carmel. It was the first time I'd ever seen a show performed outside and I thought it was well done. The kids laughed hysterically at all the crazy scenes. 

We left the next morning to go see my side of the family. Annalina gave me the sweetest note expressing that she'd like us to come again and hopes that we can knit, too. Yes, with all the activity, Annalina and I managed to do some knitting. I taught both she and my other niece, Mia, the basics. 

Next time...knitted gifts I made for the Lysne clan. 

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