Saturday, July 24, 2010

Knitted gifts for the Lysne clan

Before Q and I left on our trip to CA, I began knitting a headband for Annalina. While on the road I knitted some more, but wanted to wait until I measured it on her before finishing it. I also began making a dishcloth for Abigail. 

Here's Annalina with both projects which she absolutely loved!

The instructions for the dishcloth came from the book, Knitting Pretty by Kris Percival. She recommends using size 7 needles, but I used size 11 needles with some chunky white and blue yarn. I cast on 32 stitches and stitched 72 rows. After I was done with it, Annalina was able to use the dishcloth to wipe the kitchen table. When she was done she said, "It works great, Auntie Theo!"

I made the headband by casting on 12 stitches on size 10 needles and knitting rows until it measured around her head snugly. It will keep her head and ears warm during the winter months.

I made this wristlet (using the same yarn as the dishcloth) using instructions from the book, Knitgrrl, by Shannon Okey. For this project you can use any size needles and cast on 25 stitches. Knit until it measures one to three inches in width. When I put it on it was a little loose on me, but I've always had skinny wrists. I gave it to Annalina and it fit her loose as well, but she still loved it. If I made one again, I would cast on fewer stitches so that it fits better.

I taught Annalina how to make a slip knot, cast on and knit the garter stitch. As I was finishing up the dishcloth, she got to help me bind off, too. She didn't finish a project of her own, but she was able to do several stitches on her own. I know that the more she practices, the better she'll get...and we'll be able to knit together in the years to come.

It was fun knitting with one of my favorite girls in the whole world. :)

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