Thursday, November 12, 2009

E is for Elijah

We had another great night at Kids' Bible Club. This week we did "E is for Elijah." I learned something new about the kids yesterday--I've been spelling their names wrong! So, you'll notice the new spellings of Mieka and Skylar from now on.

Bible Time: After singing a couple songs, I told the story of Elijah. The kids learned how God took care of him during the famine and how he was able to help a widow and her son. With God's help, Elijah was able to raise the widow's son back to life! For the memory verse, they learned the second part of Matthew 6:8 which says, "For your Father knows what things ye have need of, before ye ask him." To review this verse, we played the game called "Popcorn." Between them and me we took turns saying just one word of the verse until we finished it. Each time we said a word we had to pop up high like piece of popcorn popping.

Craft time: After doing a fun worksheet, Skylar and Mieka loved putting clothes on their "person." I gathered some scrap fabric and buttons and they glued them on their papers.

They did really well with this project. I had to help them a bit in cutting out some of the clothing. When they were done, they were to draw pictures of things that God provides for them. On each paper I wrote, "God made me and takes care of me." Skylar drew pictures of wind and a turkey, but Mieka decided to just put Thanksgiving stickers on her paper.

Snack time: I cubed some cheddar cheese and homemade bread into cubes. Then, I put a bird sticker on a couple toothpicks. They enjoyed poking the bread and cheese and pretending that the bird was feeding them--just like Elijah was fed! You could also add some cubed meat to the mix, if you'd like.

Next week....we'll skip letter F and do some Thanksgiving things instead. Stay tuned....

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