Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Parties for Children

I just finished reading a book called Betty Crocker's Parties for Children by Lois M. Freeman, that I found at a thrift store a while back. I could not let this book stay there, for after looking through it, I knew that it would be a great resource in my educational library. It was published in 1964--a true classic indeed! The way things are described and illustrated give a glimpse into that time in our country.

It is loaded with ideas that can be used in the home as well as in ministry. The many games described could be adapted for children's programs at church or for day camps.

The first section of the book talks about how to organize a party, choose a theme and how to make your own invitations. Games for the youngest kids as well as guessing games, hunts, relays, and games for older children are included. At the very end of the book, a few pages are devoted to helping you with a theme party. A menu and list of games is included for such themes as a spaceman's party, aloha party, and spring party.

Fun illustrations such as this one are every where in this book. It was really fun to look at all of them.

Many of the games in the book were classics like Musical Chairs. One thing I didn't know though is that there is a variation to this game that makes it fun for all. Here's what the book says:

If music is not available, begin the game by clapping loudly for the marchers. As the children are eliminated from the game, ask them to join the "clappers." The newest member of the clapping group tells the entire group when to stop by calling "Stop!" This is often better than music because it keeps all of the children busy throughout the game.

Pretty neat, huh? Next time you're at the thrift store or at a garage sale and see a book like this, don't hesitate to pick it up and purchase it. The possibilities are endless for fun activities at your next family event or church function.

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Missy said...

I just posted a comment about possibly making your animal cracker recipe with my Sunday school class when I remembered your post about this wonderful-looking book. So, I went to Amazon.com and was able to order a "very good" copy for $.59 + shipping. I can't wait for it to arrive--it should help with lots of ideas for Sunday school class activities!