Friday, July 10, 2009

My garden: sharing with friends

Q and I were invited to a dinner last night. We have become good friends with many of the senior saints in our church. One of the dear widows, Jo, invited us and a few others for a potluck dinner. She told us to bring a vegetable. Q thought it would be a neat idea to check on the garden and see what we could bring.

I wasn't exactly sure what we were going to find, but lo and behold, we found this huge zucchini ready for picking! There were a couple others that weren't so big, but I heard that once they start coming, you'll get a lot of them all at once! I definitely see some zucchini bread in the near future...

Our carrots are so tiny, but we picked a few any way. Q decided that we'd cook the zucchini, then have a salad made from these carrots, radishes and lettuce from the garden. We also cut some more rhubarb to take home and make more things from it. 

I checked my tomato plants, and all but a couple are looking very good! This one here is beginning to flower--yeah!

Look how huge it's getting! Many can't believe that I was brave enough to start from seed, but I told them this was my second try with it this year. They are doing just as well as others who bought theirs from a garden nursery. This gives me hope as I definitely want to plant roma tomatoes next year.

When we got to Jo's place, she helped us cook the zucchini, as neither of us have done it before. Q chopped it up, then we placed it in a pot with some butter. Jo added canned tomatoes, italian seasoning, onion powder, salt and pepper. We stirred it until the zucchini got tender. It was great! Everyone loved it. We added the carrots and radishes to another friend's salad, and decided to take the lettuce home to eat soon.

What have you been doing with your garden produce this summer?


Cheri said...

Looking good! =)

Have you tried growing Super Fantastic tomatoes? Those seem to grow the best in our garden and give A LOT of yield.

Theo-Ann said...

no, i've never heard of those--i'll have to keep those in mind for the next time. thanks.:)

Mary Ann said...

Theo, we make this stuff we call zucchini hash. Just brown some hamburger, slice your zucchini into thin 'dollars', add it to the ground beef, add some tomatoes & simmer until the zucchini is tender. Then serve it with a slice of American cheese on top. YUM! When I was a kid I wouldn't touch the stuff but I love it now :-)

Theo-Ann said...

sounds wonderful, Mary Ann. Thanks for the tip. Oh--and welcome back. I prayed for your wedding. I'm sure it was beautiful. Do post pictures for us to see.:)