Saturday, June 27, 2009

My Garden: Taking a look at the progress...

After dinner last night, Q and I made a visit to our garden at the Steele's home.

We were amazed at how well all of the vegetables are doing. It was so encouraging! We are thankful to Sam and Creta for helping us learn how to garden. Q and Sam get together every once in a while to weed and tend to the plants.

My tomato plants are so much bigger than they were a few weeks ago. Hooray!

While we were there, we decided to take home some rhubarb. I was amazed at how big they really are close up! I'll be doing some thing with it this coming week and I can't wait!

We also took home some radishes and lettuce. We spent some time washing everything. Q cut up the rhubarb into small chunks so that they're ready for cooking.

Roses surround the Steele's property. Before we left, they showed us all the varieties and colors that they have. Before we knew it, they were cutting some for us to take home. Q is the flower arranger in our home, so he found one of our wedding reception vases and arranged these gorgeous roses inside. Aren't they awesome?

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