Saturday, June 13, 2009

GPS Search

We had another fun teen activity tonight! It's called GPS Search. The teens are divided into teams and they are to go out and search for coordinates that will lead them to different places. 

My team was all girls, except for our driver, Mr. Wells. A ladies ensemble from West Coast Baptist College was with us, so two of them joined our team. My husband gave each team a set of coordinates to start off with and then we were off!

There were six places we had to go to and it took us two hours! All of the places were parks and we had to search high and low for the next set of coordinates. We walked and walked some more, until we found...

...a Cool Whip container at each location! Inside lay the next set of coordinates.

At our final destination, we had a picnic. We ate burgers or brats, chips, grapes and apple croissants for dessert--yum!

Before we left, the West Coast ladies sang a special for us. Then, their leader gave a devotional. He compared our searching for the next clue in our GPS search to following God's will. God leads us each step of the way. 

I'm sure the teens in your youth group would love this just like our teens did. I think this would make an awesome family activity, too! 


Erin said...

We are going to start having this as an optional camp activity. Looks like fun.

Theo-Ann said...

It's a blast! I'm sure the campers will love it.:)

Mary Ann said...

I've always wanted to try this - around here it's called geo-caching & you can go online & find all sorts of caches other people have left & you're supposed to find them & leave something of your own. Sounds so fun!

Monica said...

so what kind of GPS units did you guys use. I have been wanting to do an activity like this one...builds team concept and I love the correlation with searching and God's wisdom and his word

Theo-Ann said...

We used different kinds; it was whatever we could borrow from church people. The one my group used was the hardest, as it was difficult to punch in the numbers! The newer models work best, but the older ones give a good challenge.:) Hope you all can do this some time!