Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Valentine's Day story time

I had a great time at the Valentine's Day story time with the preschoolers this month. After singing our "Hello time" song, I pulled out a new friend out of my bag.

Meet Freddy--

He's pretty cute, huh? But, he doesn't turn into a prince when you kiss him! Oh well, at least I tried. One little girl asked if she could try, too (I didn't have her do it, but it was a nice thought though).

Then, I taught the kids a song that I sang with my Kindergartners back in the day:

Valentine, valentine,
won't you be my valentine?
Valentine, valentine,
won't you be mine?

The first book I read was called My Friend Harry, by Kim Lewis. It's about a little boy who starts school but has to leave his stuffed animal friend behind. After I read the book, I pulled out a stuffed koala who was one of my special friends when I was a girl. Then the kids shared about their friends, too.

The second book I read was called Sweet Hearts, by Jan Carr. It's about a young panda who makes lots of valentine surprises for his family.

Using these felt hearts, I read the following poem:

I have five little valentines, not one more,
I'll give one to mother, and then I'll have...
Four little valentines are all that I see
I'll give one to Dad and then I'll have...
Three little valentines all bright and new
I'll give one to Grandma and then I'll have....
Two paper valentines--this is lots of fun
I'll give one to Grandpa, and then I'll have just...
One paper valentine, and I know what to do
I'll give my last valentine to no one but

The last book I read was called A Circle is not a Valentine, by H. Werner Zimmerman. We all loved this book which also teaches the kids about shapes. It is funny and the pictures are delightful.

I passed out a candy heart to each kid, then showed them something I decorated just for them...

...this Valentine gingerbread house. I found the house at the clearance section at Wal-mart. Then, I used Valentine-colored sprinkles, frosting and hearts to decorate it. The kids really liked it a lot and so I left it there so they could enjoy it.

I pulled Freddy out again and we sang the Valentine song and the Good-bye song together. Can't wait until next month's story time...stay tuned!

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