Thursday, February 3, 2011

A big wooden spool family

A couple of months ago, I held another giveaway, offering the winner one of my favorite small gifts. Melissa chose a wooden spool family, so I had her give me descriptions of up to ten family members. Her nieces would love playing with them and she couldn't wait to get them!

Here's a picture of the entire family which includes grandparents, mom and dad, aunts, and a few children:

My favorite ones include the grandparents, complete with gray hair....

....and the baby, whose bib is made out of a piece of white rick-rack trim.

Melissa's family enjoyed receiving the dolls. She sent me a couple of pictures for me to see the dolls being played with.

I can't wait to make more of these, as I've promised a niece I'd make her a family for her dollhouse. The set of four I currently have is a hit with kids that visit our home. With just some wooden spools and balls, fabric, trim and glue, you can create a set your family will love.


EverydayZen said...

cute dolls :)

Marci said...

Love the new 'clean' look! good picture of you and 'Q'. have been praying for you and was thrilled to hear a great report from Leah! I'm sure you're tired. When I told the ladies class about the boys, Jody M. said "Whew! Trial by fire! A toddler and a new born!" I have been amazed at how the Lord has provided those boys at just the right time for you --and for them. Am still praying for all of you. M.

Keri On said...

Oh! These are so cute. We were just given a box of wooden spools, so I was googling what to do w/ them and came across your blog! Very nice! We may have to give it a try!