Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The stocking stuffer exchange

Okay...I know what you may be thinking...that it's not even close to Christmas and how silly it is that I'm posting a fun children's idea for the holidays, right? Well, this has to do with school, and I figured since it was one of my fave things to do with the students, you may enjoy this, too.

This idea can work with any group of children, whether it be at a club, church group, or school classroom.

I got the idea of the stocking stuffer exchange from another teacher who had great success with it. It makes Christmas parties more fun with less hassle and expense.

Here's how it works....

Days leading up to the party, I made each student a felt stocking. Two pieces of red sparkly felt was sufficient to make the main body of the stocking. I also added the white felt on top and a loop to hang them. Each piece was held together with hot glue. I had the kids write their name for me on one of the white felt pieces, then I went over their signature with black fabric paint. They turned out really cute! Near our Christmas tree, I hung all of the stockings through a long piece of ribbon and attached each side to the wall.

On the day of the party, each kid is to bring one type of stocking stuffer per person, including themselves. I encouraged small trinket toys so that they all could fit inside the hand-made stocking. They didn't have to wrap anything, either. I always placed a few pieces of candy inside as an extra surprise.

This was always so fun for the students. Plus, it was inexpensive and everyone got the same thing! I had done gift exchanges before with older students and some times feelings were hurt, or people spent more than the amount requested so it never seemed fair. This stocking stuffer exchange is a great way to keep it fun and within everyone's budgets. The Dollar store and party supply stores all carry trinkets like stickers, pencils, cars, mini erasers, yo-yo's, etc. for this activity.

So, now you've got another idea to store away for the holiday season. Hope it works out well with the kids in your life.

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