Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Peach Festival

Each year, Lafayette holds a peach festival. Since we were in the process of moving around this time last year, we weren't able to go. So, we decided to check it out this time around. It was only a couple of blocks away from us, so we took a leisurely walk to see it. It's amazing how much Public Avenue looks with all of the tents set up.

Hundreds of people came to enjoy the unique booths, entertainment, and of course, the peaches.

One of the first things I noticed were these boxes full of yummy peaches. Notice the price? At $40/box, we had to say good-bye. There were a few other stops along the way that also included smaller amounts, but we still passed those up.

There were booths of many varieties of art work, jewelry, clothing, and food. This one was full of farm-fresh vegetables. The one that was very different to us was called the "Instrument petting zoo." Anyone can touch, hold and play different instruments there. Q thought it was a neat idea, especially for kids who are trying to figure out what instrument they'd like to take lessons in.

On our way back towards our street, we had some goodies. Q had this pork empanada while I sipped on a delicious peach smoothie...

I had to have something with peach in it, right? They also offered peach cobbler, but this drink was perfect on a hot day.

Is there anything exciting happening in your town? I would love to hear your stories.:)


Heather said...

Oh I have been to a peach festival... They are fun...especially if you love peaches which I do...Peaches on Pancakes are the best ~Your smoothie looks yummy ~Heather ;D

Erin said...

Peaches are sooooo yummy! Too bad they were so expensive. Otherwise we'd be seeing some yummy peach recipes from you. :)

Theo-Ann said...

You're right, Erin--but perhaps I can still post some with regular (cheap) peaches from the grocery store in the future...:)