Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My vintage apron

Before Abigail and the kids came, she mentioned to me that she and her mom had gone through some things that belonged to her grandmother. They chose things to match my red kitchen.

I was so delighted when she gave me this vintage apron. Isn't it awesome?

It is in great shape and I love the detail on it. I was amazed at all the hand-stitching done, too!

I don't know for sure how old it is, but my mother-in-law's mom passed away in that tells you that it is more than forty years old. It's such a treasure to me. It was so thoughtful of my MIL to give this to me. I love it!

I recently found this Bistro sign with hooks at Hobby Lobby. I paid just a little over a dollar for it because it was on clearance. It is the perfect place to hang this "new" vintage apron of mine.

Have you found or received a family treasure recently? Please share your stories...:)

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