Sunday, August 29, 2010

Safe in the Arms of Jesus

When Q came home from a pastor's conference not long ago, he handed me this book. He said he had read it on his trip back home and thought I would enjoy it.

Safe in the Arms of Jesus by Robert P. Lightner (published by Kregal Publications), is a book about how God provides a home in Heaven for those who cannot believe. It talks about the death of the unborn, infants and those with disabilities who cannot understand sin and their need for a Savior. I have believed this way for a long time, but it was good for me to read someone else's view point along with knowing what passages in the Bible back this belief.

The author weaves in the Gospel throughout the book and lovingly encourages parents who have gone through miscarriages or the death of an infant. It is a great book to have to give to parents who are going through this hard time. I wish I would have had this both times I lost my babies. However, as I read through it, it still encouraged my heart greatly. I know that I can pass this book along to be a help to someone God sends my way.

I really like this paragraph the author included by J. Vernon McGee. It is in response to the question of what our children in Heaven will look like when we see them some day.

Will our children be as we last saw them? I do not know nor can I prove it from Scripture (for Scripture is silent at this point), but I believe with all my heart that God will raise the little ones as such, and the mother's arms that have ached for them will have the opportunity of holding them. The father's hand that never held the little hand will be given that privilege. I believe that the little ones will grow up in heaven in the care of their earthly parents--if they (the parents) are saved.

Are you going through a loss right now...or do you know someone who is? I highly recommend this wonderful book of truth and comfort from God's Word.

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Abigail said...

That sounds like a neat book. Gabriel has asked me concerning this (with a small sibling it reaches his mind)!