Thursday, May 27, 2010

Spring cleaning: the guest room

Working on the guest room took a little longer than a week, but I'm so glad it's done! We had two college girls spend the night a couple days ago and they said that it was a comfortable room. We also call it the family room. There are games and toys as well as a t.v. to watch movies.

Here's what was accomplished in this room.

1. The main closet was organized (it was a disaster before!).
2. Storage under the beds was rearranged.
3. Movies and audio cds were organized.
4. A couple furniture pieces were rearranged.
5. The bookshelf was organized and a few decorative pieces were added to the shelves.
6. Windows and mirror doors (on main closet) were cleaned.
7. The room was thoroughly dusted.
8. The linen closet was organized. Old medicines were thrown out.
9. I made curtains for the two windows and linen closet.

I'm so glad the main closet is in better shape! I can now walk in there without tripping over things. Coats hang on the left; games and toys are on the shelves; Q's outdoor equipment and our suitcases line the top shelves.

With our guests coming, I had to get these curtains done. Q helped me by putting up the rods. Then after several hours of work during a couple of days, the curtains were finished. I found both fabrics at Wal-mart for great prices! The bottom patterned fabric was only a dollar a yard, and I didn't need too much of it for all three curtains.

We like the look of the two fabrics together. I made two panels for both windows. When we want to let the light in, we just push each panel to the side.

I bought a small tension rod for the linen closet to hang the third curtain I made. It matches the window curtains. Inside the closet are extra towels, personal items and cleaning supplies. It's all neatly arranged, but in the future, I'd like to place an extra shelf in there.

That's all for now! How's your spring cleaning coming? I'm almost done, and I can't wait!:)

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