Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Snake Charmer

My niece, Annalina, has a unique personality. She can be girly with all the flowers and frills, but yet she loves snakes and other creepy crawlies. It was no surprise to her mom that she chose to make a t-shirt snake from my book, Family Fun Crafts

The first thing we did was lay the t-shirt flat on the table face-down. Using twist ties, we shaped the snake's head and tail on opposite corners. We placed a piece of floral wire diagonally and rolled the shirt around it.

With some help from her mom, Annalina took the wire and wound it all around the snake. Not only did the wire help secure the fabric, but it also allowed the snake to be bent in any way. Pretty cool, huh?

Annalina decorated her snake with a few different colors of glitter glue. She also gave him some fabulous googly eyes.

The next day, Annalina was able to handle her snake...and boy, did she love it! The book suggests unrolling the snake and wearing the t-shirt. She wanted to keep the t-shirt as a snake. 

She makes quite the snake charmer...


Abigail said...

That is just the coolest craft. Annalina showed her piano teacher on Saturday.

Theo-Ann said...

Oh, I think so, too. I'm glad she got to show it to her piano teacher.:)